Filmmaker & Production Designer

Image is my best weapon to be able to explain stories. Therefore, direction combined with production design, are my specialities to get to deepen your imagination and make your story come true.


I like to discuss and listen to the needs and concerns of my current and future clients, so that I can have a better understanding of their imaginary and get to explain their story how they had in their mind.
Let us begin to do everything we have imagined, let us not limit our history.
Production Design
For me, Direction will always go hand in hand with Art Direction. You cannot create an imaginary without being able to work on its colors, textures and other elements that help giving more credibility to a project.
Editing is a good weapon to finish giving meaning to what we have created.
Audiovisual Education
As a good consumer of audiovisual content, I have found a way to transmit this knowledge to young people, I like to share this information so that they learn about the image and analyze well what audiovisual content they consume and why.


I’m looking forward to hear from you.